Sunday, May 08, 2005

Secret message to the ULA elite!

This is exciting! A former ULA member has sent in a poem containing a secret message about the leadership of that hoity-toity bunch, who lounge around drinking Seagram's wine coolers and talking about how special they are. It seems that this poem is about one of the ULA muckety-mucks. I wonder who it is?

ULA Nutpunch #1
by Ezekial Brutus

N ow who’s punching whose Nuts
O former comrade in
A rms?
H amburger Helper

C lings to you like
I used to.
C an’t you even respond?
E nough! Your Unde-
R ground is now ground round.
O h it’s easy to write poetry when you don’t know
what’s good and what sucks.


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