Friday, May 06, 2005

The Revolution Has Begun!

This is so exciting! News of my site is announced by Galley Cat! And the legendary Sebastian Morningwood told people at the Happy Booker website about my poem!

They must be really scared at the so-called Underground Literary Alliance because the word is getting around!

And they should be. On Monday, I am going to publish a poem by a former ULA "insider" that contains a secret message addressed to one of their hoity-toity elitist muckety-mucks.

This weekend they will probably be sipping their Muscatel through dainty straws and eating fancy pork rinds at their ULA cocktail parties, going, "That Orlando Hotpockets, whose book The Heat of My Pockets so upset us with its gripping grippingness and true balls-to-the-wall truth....that Orlando Hotpockets whose poetry shakes us to the depths of our phlegmy inner core....he must be stopped! If only we had killed him when we had the chance, instead of eating his household pets and trying to steal the toilet paper upon which he writes the greatest literature of our time! We are doomed."

They will shake as they eat their fancy slices of Kraft American Cheese in its effete plastic wrapping. They will weep softly to themselves. I pity them now, but the living will soon envy the dead.


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